Where is it and how do I get there?

Alice’s Adventures Underground is taking place at Labyrinth in Waterloo. We’re underneath London Waterloo Station. For further information, visit our Your Visit page here.

How long does the show last?

Alice’s Adventures Underground has a running time of 90 minutes with no interval.

What age range is it for?

Alice’s Adventures Underground is recommended for audiences aged 11+. We have put this age guidance in place because there are moments in the show which might be unsuitable for younger children. Children aged between 11 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Younger children may attend but entirely at the discretion of the Parents and no refund will be offered after the show has commenced.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before your show’s start time.

What if I’m late?

There are strictly no late admissions. We advise you arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time.

What should I wear?

Dress appropriately for the Queen’s court: red/black. You will be on your feet and exploring Wonderland, so sensible shoes are advised!

How do I book?

For ticket information, including dates, prices, and how to book, please click here.

What are the differences between the ticket packages?


Your ticket to Alice’s Adventures Underground, plus:

  • A three course pre-theatre dinner at The Rosarium*
  • An in-show cocktail at our Mad Hatter’s tea party
  • A complimentary show programme
  • Free use of the cloakroom service

*Choose three courses from The Rosarium set menu (sample menu). Upon booking, your reservation will be made automatically for 1h 45mins prior to your visit to Wonderland




Your ticket to Alice’s Adventures Underground, plus:

  • A three course pre-theatre dinner at The Rosarium*

*Choose three courses from The Rosarium set menu (link to sample). Upon booking, your reservation will be made automatically for 1h 45mins prior to your visit to Wonderland




Your ticket to Alice’s Adventures Underground plus some curious extras to complete your experience:

  • An in-show cocktail at our Mad Hatter’s tea party
  • A complimentary show programme
  • Free use of the cloakroom service




Buckle up for the Olivier Nominated Alice’s Adventures Underground. An immersive 90 minute theatre show you’ll never forget.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

You will be able to purchase tickets at our on-site box office. However, we cannot guarantee ticket availability, so we do recommend you book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Can I book for corporate or team building events?

For information concerning bookings for corporate or team building events, please click here.

Are there any group or school booking rates?

For information concerning bookings for groups or schools, please click here.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, you do not need to print your ticket. You must have a ticket to enter Alice’s Adventures Underground, and we can accept a copy of your ticket digitally, on a device, or a print out.

My tickets haven’t arrived, who do I contact?

First, please check the spam box on your email. If you cannot see any confirmation there, please contact us on [email protected] so we can re-send your confirmation email.

Will I be admitted if I forget my ticket?

No, you will not be able to enter if you cannot present a ticket on arrival. If you have any issues on the day please visit our on-site box office with the card you purchased your tickets with at least 30 minutes before your performance time, to give us time to find and re-issue your ticket.

Will I be split up from my group during the performance?

Due to the nature of the performance, we do encourage audience members to follow their own path when in the space. Therefore, this may mean you are separated from your group during the show. However, you will be reunited at the end of the performance, we promise!

Will I be able to leave the performance at any point?

There will be measures in place should you require assistance or need to leave suddenly during the event but it is not advised nor encouraged.

There is no readmittance into the performance one you have left.

Can I take photos inside?

We do not allow the use of cameras or filming during the performance but you will be able to take photos in the Underland after seeing the show.

Is there a cloakroom?

Visitors are requested to hand over luggage, chests, paraphernalia (or quite simply bags) on arrival at the Queen’s cloakroom. There will be a small Queen’s tax of £1 per item.

Is there food and drink available?

At Labyrinth Waterloo, you are welcome to Dine at The Rosarium and Drink at Underland. Please do not bring any food or drink onto site. For opening hours of the bar and restaurant, please click here.

Eat Me / Drink Me

During your visit to Wonderland there will be audience participation, which may involve consuming food and drink. A full list of food, drink and ingredients will be announced soon. Please check back here for more information, or if you would like to be kept informed when our ingredients lists have been confirmed, please email [email protected].

Unfortunately we are unable to allow audience members to bring their own substitute food to consume during the show. This food and drink in the show includes: Eat Me Sweets; Jam Tarts; Tea Party Cocktail (containing alcohol) and Tea Party Mocktail (non-alcoholic).

Do you accept cash and card?

Wonderland is a cashless environment. We accept both card and contactless payments.

Are there any access performances?

Please click here for more details on our access performances.

Can I attend if I am pregnant?

Alice’s Adventures Underground is suitable for pregnant women but please be advised that the show is 90 minutes long, you will be required to stand for the majority of the performance and there will be no access to toilet facilities during the show.

What if I suffer from claustrophobia?

Customers who suffer from claustrophobia, nyctophobia or heart conditions should be advised that certain sections may be unsuitable and we are unable to dictate the route of the audience member. A number of spaces are quite small and scenes may be intense. There will be escape options within scenes but we would strongly advise people to carefully think before attending.

Is there strobe lighting?

No, the performance does not feature strobe lighting.

Will this version be any different to the show in 2017?

Alice’s Adventures Underground will have the same story as before, but will return with even more twists and turns for 2023.

When will Alice's Adventures Underground now open?

Alice’s Adventures Underground will now open on March 15th 2023.

When will the Rosarium and the Underland open?

The Rosarium will open late February 2023 and Underland, our curious cocktail bar, will also open on March 15, 2023.