Dine. Drink. Discover.

Lose yourself in Labyrinth – the home of immersive experiences.

Escape the humdrum of daily life and venture deep inside an immersive world where you’ll discover an emporium for all the senses. Delight your inner child in a world where logic is untenable, the familiar is unexpected and normality is exotic. Become the protagonist of your own adventure as Labyrinth places you at the forefront of your own experience; whether you are enjoying a sumptuous cocktail in the Underland Bar, a delicious meal in The Rosarium restaurant or venturing down the rabbit hole into one of our groundbreaking immersive theatre shows, Alice’s Adventures Underground. All is possible, every decision a different adventure, and every turn a fantastical key unlocking the best of your imagination.

Opening in 2023 and offering a subterranean world of possibilities and excitement for all, Labyrinth Waterloo will be part of the development of The Sidings and situated within the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station.

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