Who We Are

Hunter Arnold

Labyrinth Director

Gavin Kalin

Labyrinth Director

Oliver Lansley


James Seager

Creative Director

Jimi Porter

Executive Chef

Fiona Porritt

Creative Associate

Anthony Spargo


Frank Saunders

Box Office Manager

Alan Turtill

Director of Operations

Kim Bloom-Mangione

Sales and Events Manager

Emma Halstead

Associate Producer

Manoel Collares

General Manager

Short Street Productions Ltd.

General Management

Lynda Lewis-Pratt

Consultant Head of Finance

Ian Christopher

Social Media Manager

Ky Wilcox

Box Office Assistant

Jen Needham

Marketing Director

About Us

Welcome to Labyrinth, the newly formed immersive company from the Creative Directors of Les Enfants Terribles, Oliver Lansley and James Seager, and the internationally renowned producers Hunter Arnold and Gavin Kalin.

Labyrinth will create, develop, and produce a stable of imaginative shows, with our launchpad permanent venue being Labyrinth Waterloo underneath Waterloo Station. World-class, much-loved titles will encapsulate the distinctive Les Enfants Terribles’ style whilst pushing the immersive genre in totally fresh ground-breaking ways, focusing on immersing audiences deeper into stories than they have ever been before. Lose yourself in Labyrinth, with our fantastical worlds, beautiful sets and vivid yet whimsical stories that await to transport you.

To contact our head office team please email [email protected]

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